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Ride On Jeep 

All our Products are licensed & made with American Standard Environmentally Friendly Materials.

Car Assembly Required please add $50 for Assembly if ordering and want us to Assemble 


Electric pedal controlled and 2.4G remote controlled *With USB socket, Bluetooth

 FM radio function *With lights

*Four wheels with suspension

*With parent-child functionality

*With removable battery box

5 Point Safety Seat Belt      

Motors: 2 Motors 550# x 2             * Battery: 12V7A

Battery Charger: American standard Certified Charger

Wheels: EVA (Quick Assembly)

Color: 20 painting Colors Camouflage Green

Car Size: 48.62 x 27.67 x 28.07 INCHES

Material: American Standard Environmentally Friendly Materials. (Certification: ASTM)                         

 Quality Matters